Monday, September 18, 2006

You Tube, Me Ninja

This is one of my favourite Ninja episodes. He's hilarious! But in his own fuzzy logic, he actually does explain quite well some of the podcasting/you tube-principles.

Some amazing You Tube figures:

- More than 100 million videoclips on their servers
- daily uploadrate = 65.000 videoclips
- 20 billion visitors per month
- marketshare = 43%
- monthly cost for hosting 100 billion videoclips = 1 million dollar

Despite of the high costs their facing at the moment, Chen and Hurley did quite a remarkable job in a very short time. Some analists value the company at 3 billion dollar!!!

In my view they are the true killers of the 30"-spot on be continued...

...and remember, if you got a question ask the ninja!

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