Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Free hugs

This is a great shows a guy called Juan Mann, who just want to give hugs to strangers.

It's fantastic to see the different reactions of the people...some hesitate at first but then fully commit to their hug!

I'm already cutting out some cardboard signs!


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Google makes life easy...

The new MS Office will be released MID that time Google will rule the universe. Does Microsoft know about Google Writley and Google Spreadsheets? I can read my mail, write documents and make a spreadsheet with my google account...and I can do it all online...and it's free!!

Surely by mid 2007 Google will have launched a powerpoint-like presentation feature so I won't have to spent my money on Microsoft ever again.

BTW: the Belgian Google frontpage doesn't look very well these days...

Monday, September 25, 2006

Got pixels? about 160 million!!!

The Swiss company Seitz released this Mother Of All digital Cameras (Moac??).

No fucking around with stupid memory plug it directly in your 80 gig Mini Mac!'s powertool time...they should have integrated a chainsaw or so...

High resolution to the max!

Revver is offering a real business model for video amateurs.

The deal is simple: you get paid by the number of views your video gets. They attach a small commercial message (about 2 seconds) at the end of you're video. So if you're good, you'll make money.

This means that:

- Amateurisme will become valuable (see previous post)
- Advertising will become more social
- Advertivers recognize the potential of social networking
- Everbody becomes a (paid) broadcaster

In my opinion this might work...interesting to see how this evolves...and what are they thinking in the adverage boardroom of a television station...they must be shitting their pants...

I've seen that askaninja (see sidebar) and Ze Frank (see sidebar) are on Revver. I'll sent them a mail, see what their experience are (and how much they make...;-).

Will YouTube follow...?

Friday, September 22, 2006

In de Gloria meets Jay Leno!!!

Extremely funny that even the researchers of the tonight show believe this is true.

When living in Belgium, you know that this is an outtake from a very popular (in Belgium...) TV-format.

...This is amazing...


(thanks Jonas!)

I've just bought the coolest car in the galaxy!

Isn't she beautifull!! It was love at first sight...after looking for almost a year...I'm very happy to have found her!

600 cc of pure pleasure!!!.

Click here for the Wiki.

..dos caballos para siempre!

The real reason for the Segway recall...

...was because it wasn't idiot-proof!!! :-)

Yes, that mister Bush heading with his face for the sideway...:-)

Thanks bro for sending this picture!! Buy my brother's book on obsesitas here !!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Does this guy need a blog?

I received this photo by MMS (thanks Erik!!!) with a question: Is this the right way to campaign for an election?

This calls for...a crabanalysis!! (...a what???)

Well...I hate this billboards. They suddenly show up in your neighbour's garden or in your street. And they are all people you've never seen in your life! Where are they when you need them?...aaaaaarrgh...local politics...must be a struggle to survive.

Anyway, let's analyse a bit further. After some minor (I'm lazy...) research with Belgium top 3 policitians (Elio Di Rupo, Verhofstadt, Yves Leterme), only the prime minister has a podcast on his site.

They should take a look at "The Bundeskanzlerin" (sound like an Arnold movie...)! Click here...Angele Merkel is surfing the vlog wave. Cowabunga Angela!

...oh, and for André not make a will probably look as bad as your poster!

If you have a "crabanalysisationish" question...send in a photo, text, e-mail,...I'll be "habby" to reply. Come it! You'll feel better...:-)

Vee Dubya in da house

I discovered this commercials somewhere before the summer on the internet. This is great stuff! It gives the volkswagen Golf his "cool" back, which it has lost many years ago...

But I have a question...why is this commercial never aired in Europe? I didn't see them on any screen in my neighbourhood...such a same! Can anyone wake up the guys at Volkwagen?

I love the actor btw...he plays a "nihilist" in my favorite movie "the big Lebowski".

Here are the 2 other commercials: Tray's car get pimped, Jason's car get pimped

Do you remember the Gettupaaaah guy?
In my recollection, that was the first succesfull viral video for a car...Must have been in '99. Viral marketing didn't even exist....little quiz-moment: can you remember what car was advertised?

Click here to see the vid.

Monday, September 18, 2006

You Tube, Me Ninja

This is one of my favourite Ninja episodes. He's hilarious! But in his own fuzzy logic, he actually does explain quite well some of the podcasting/you tube-principles.

Some amazing You Tube figures:

- More than 100 million videoclips on their servers
- daily uploadrate = 65.000 videoclips
- 20 billion visitors per month
- marketshare = 43%
- monthly cost for hosting 100 billion videoclips = 1 million dollar

Despite of the high costs their facing at the moment, Chen and Hurley did quite a remarkable job in a very short time. Some analists value the company at 3 billion dollar!!!

In my view they are the true killers of the 30"-spot on be continued...

...and remember, if you got a question ask the ninja!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

the blog experiment

I conducted a little blog experiment.

The past few months I've been following the US blog scene (especially NY). I sent them a mail to see their reaction. And guess what...I've got mail.

People who replied:

- Ze Frank
- Zadi Diaz
- Chuck Olsen
- Robert Scoble aka "the scobleizer"
- Amanda Congdon

People who didn't reply:

- Steve Garfield

People who are exused (because I forgot to include their email):

- Daniel McVicar
- Casey Mckinnon from all the people who I did sent a mail, all but one replied! That's a pretty cool result, don't you think so?

It's great to hear from them! They all sent very funny answers.

Thanks for you input guys!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Things you don't find at El Bulli

Menus and keeps being a difficult combination!

Take a look at this nice example which I took yesterday. Has anybody actually ordered this?..."yes mister waiter, I would like to order 3 brown humps with a burned piece of fish...and throw in a lemon!" In Kazachstan maybe?

I hope the green stuff is parsley...

BTW: it is salmon with baked potatotoes and a salad.

link: El Bulli

Borat the movie

Soon in a theatre near you...our friend from Kazachstan! The ping-pong outfit in the clip is hilarious! I can't wait to see the movie...

Wonder how he looks like in a tracksuit? Maybe like this? Booyakasha!!! Respect!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I-Phone...the sequel

So no I-phone...

Steve gave us 3 new i-pods:

- the new i-shuffle: small & handy, easy to lose (so you'll have to buy a new one...Apple marketeers are so clever!!!). And don't sit on it or it will pop right into your ass!

- the new i-pod nano: back to the i-pod mini looks, a bit disappointing but they won't break that easy.

- the 80 GB i-pod: the moab MP3 player! Pure power! Interesting to see if people will hold a small, warm little box in their hand for 1,5 hours to watch a movie on a small screen? I guess they will...

All cool stuff Stevie...but we really want that little white phone! I-just I-phoned to I-say I-love uuuuuu.....or something like that...

Links : The Steve Jobs Show. Where does he keep buying those cool black sweaters...???

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cyber class


Being a student becomes more interesting. No more falling asleep on hard wooden benches in boring classrooms. This fall, Harvard Law School will launch virtual lessons in Second Life. This is great! I wanna be a student again! Now you can follow a class and in the meantime talk to naked female avatars (a little bird told me that there is a lot of cyber**$% going on in Second Life).

Anyway, another creative new media idea which makes life more fun! And that Charlie professor dude seems like a cool guy...wonder how his daughter looks in real life? Is she so ugly they don't show her in the clip, only the avatar version?


Less spectacular but still...In holland the university of Wageningen (text in Dutch) offers their students podcasts of the lessons. In this way, remote studying becomes possible and you don't need to attend the if we ever did...

However, the technology seems a bit DIY, doesn't it? The box looks a bit like the brother of R2D2 in Star Wars :-)


Some links for the Belgian bloggers: Wikipedia goes Westvloms, the best rugbyteam in the world!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What will Steve Jobs announce tomorrow?

Most of us think it'll be the i-phone. That would be really cool! Imagine what a ringtone will sound like...Or you can watch an episode of "Lost" when you're having a boring conversation on the phone. Will it have bluetooth, 3G, GPS, Satellite, AWACS,...? Tell us Steve!!!!

Click here for the other rumors of what the next generation i-pods will bring.

Oh yeah...and some new ads for Mac. They're so funny!


Ever wondered how you would look like living in Springfield? Click here and find out. In the picture you see my own Simpson interpretation. Send me yours!


Friday, September 08, 2006

Virtual Crab 6.01

The crabalizer goes avatar :-)


links: Max Headroom, Steven Hawking serious, Steven Hawking fun


Little clip I made last year featuring my bro and "Double Joe". In the summer we allways shoot some hoops with a bunch of friends. It's a lot of fun!

However..we didn't play this year yet. This weekend the weather looks to be good so maybe...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cash for Nike

Strong music meets powerfull images. Advertising can be so simple and beautifull...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ze Frank Show

Click here to hear Ze pointing out some wonderfull insights on MySpace and the impact of easy acces new media. I love the word "mass-experimentation"!

He's a lousy singer tough...

Monday, September 04, 2006

YouTube Copyrights

Interesting article on copyright in The Economist. Read it here.

It's true that copyrights are a big concern for creative people. Everybody wants to be rewarded correctly for his ideas and creative work. But...shouldn't we reinvent amateurism in this user-generated world? Is it so bad that some kid uses the soundtrack of Eminem in his little video on YouTube? First of all, Eminem is rich enough and secondly it will make him even more popular by the views of the video. I think that paying for copyrights is a thing for big companies but not for amateurs...

So...message to Slim Shady: do not sue little Jason for using a track on his skate-video...


I'm very exited to visit the Picnic 2006 conference on september 27. A lot of interesting speakers...people from Pixar, My Space, Craigs List,...

And it's in Amsterdam, so a lot of things to see and to do!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Naked Gun

Kyra Phillips forgot to turn of the microphone!

Reminds me of the scene in the naked gun...(1,2 or 3?)


Mister Colbert does have a point here...I ,very recently, discussed this issue with some friends.

And what about journalisme? The influences of the blogs are also visible. I spoke to some journalists and they confirmed that many research work is done on the blogs. I reckon this is a good thing...although the early phase of the blogs.

You can find more The Colbert Report on youtube. He's funny, very American but still...