Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cyber class


Being a student becomes more interesting. No more falling asleep on hard wooden benches in boring classrooms. This fall, Harvard Law School will launch virtual lessons in Second Life. This is great! I wanna be a student again! Now you can follow a class and in the meantime talk to naked female avatars (a little bird told me that there is a lot of cyber**$% going on in Second Life).

Anyway, another creative new media idea which makes life more fun! And that Charlie professor dude seems like a cool guy...wonder how his daughter looks in real life? Is she so ugly they don't show her in the clip, only the avatar version?


Less spectacular but still...In holland the university of Wageningen (text in Dutch) offers their students podcasts of the lessons. In this way, remote studying becomes possible and you don't need to attend the if we ever did...

However, the technology seems a bit DIY, doesn't it? The box looks a bit like the brother of R2D2 in Star Wars :-)


Some links for the Belgian bloggers: Wikipedia goes Westvloms, the best rugbyteam in the world!


Zadi said...

I heard about this, looks really cool. :)

Hey where's your feed so people can subscribe?

The Crabalizer said...

Hey Zadi,

I'll figure out the subscribtion on blogger and let you know. Still working on that one...

And I'll put a link to your blog aswell... for those "quality" european feeds...;-)

The Crabalizer said...

Feed has been added!

Hope you enjoy...