Monday, September 25, 2006

Revver is offering a real business model for video amateurs.

The deal is simple: you get paid by the number of views your video gets. They attach a small commercial message (about 2 seconds) at the end of you're video. So if you're good, you'll make money.

This means that:

- Amateurisme will become valuable (see previous post)
- Advertising will become more social
- Advertivers recognize the potential of social networking
- Everbody becomes a (paid) broadcaster

In my opinion this might work...interesting to see how this evolves...and what are they thinking in the adverage boardroom of a television station...they must be shitting their pants...

I've seen that askaninja (see sidebar) and Ze Frank (see sidebar) are on Revver. I'll sent them a mail, see what their experience are (and how much they make...;-).

Will YouTube follow...?

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