Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favorite road to my favorite temple

Mahalaxmi temple, Bombay.

Extreme paan spit...


I love the slums where they have the ladders to make an extra space on top of the floorspace. If you look at it in a very positive way, this could be considered as a duplex...but maybe that's too much pun for the harsh reality?

Kumar's at 47?

Hard to believe this is actually somebody's home.

Laundry service

Add as a friend

Old god meets new god.

First Class

Train from Bandra to Colaba in "first class"...

Vehicles spotted from airport to Bandra







Ratchadaphisek Road tilt shift

Bangkok, 27 november 2010

Favorite metro station

- Huai Khwang night market
- Dim Sum place
- Family BBQ restaurant
- Street food
- Thai massage

Hello again, Mister Penguin!


As seen in the parking of Carrefour, Bangkok.


Dear Government of Japan, thank you for building such a wonderful metro in Bangkok. Can I ask you to contact Patrick Janssens and Kris Peeters to do the same in Antwerp.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Guess the legendary rock band, part 2

Picture also taken at one of the little vintage shops at Chatuchak market.

Guess the legendary rock band, part 1

Picture taken at one of the little vintage shops at Chatuchak market.

Coconut ice cream

I'm sorry...FRESH coconut ice cream made from YOUNG coconuts served IN a FRESH YOUNG coconut with some FRESH YOUNG coconut on the bottom of the FRESH YOUNG coconut complimented by some FRESH YOUNG coconut juice and topped with FRESH PEANUTS.

That's nuts, isn't it? Well, it's certainly the best ice cream I ever had for 25 Bath.

Chatuchak market

Bangkok, 27 november 2010

Small paper, big trouble

Buy me a couple of beers and I'll tell you what I had to do to get this little paper fixed.

Temples, temples & temples

Madonna temple

Strike a pose...

Tuk-tuk inside

Tuk-tuk outside

They misspelled my name...

Even monks have to do their own laundry

Madame Thaissauds

When I visited this temple I was astonished by the old monk sitting between the statues. This guy was totally Zen, didn't even blink his eyes. So I sat down for half an hour observing the monk and admiring his tranquility. I even got a Zen feeling myself.

Later at dinner they told me it's a puppet...Perfect example of religion being a thing between the ears.

Excuse me sir, that is not my leg...


Fully or funny?


Y casa Antonio? I'm guessing something like "chorizo und sauerkraut" on the menu...

Who's your daddy?

Shop to buy a new papa?

Loy Kathrong, the day after

The riverbanks flooded with Loy Kathrong boats and used fireworks.

Old houses bicycle tour

Near the Iron bridge.

Robin's place

If you're in Chang Mai go and have a few beers at Robin's place. He's a great guy from Antwerp living in Chang Mai and running a bar. He also plays the best music in town. Talking about living the dream.

This is a snapshot from my match against Dick, which I won. Belgium - Holland: 1-0 :-)