Thursday, September 14, 2006

I-Phone...the sequel

So no I-phone...

Steve gave us 3 new i-pods:

- the new i-shuffle: small & handy, easy to lose (so you'll have to buy a new one...Apple marketeers are so clever!!!). And don't sit on it or it will pop right into your ass!

- the new i-pod nano: back to the i-pod mini looks, a bit disappointing but they won't break that easy.

- the 80 GB i-pod: the moab MP3 player! Pure power! Interesting to see if people will hold a small, warm little box in their hand for 1,5 hours to watch a movie on a small screen? I guess they will...

All cool stuff Stevie...but we really want that little white phone! I-just I-phoned to I-say I-love uuuuuu.....or something like that...

Links : The Steve Jobs Show. Where does he keep buying those cool black sweaters...???

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