Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Does this guy need a blog?

I received this photo by MMS (thanks Erik!!!) with a question: Is this the right way to campaign for an election?

This calls for...a crabanalysis!! (...a what???)

Well...I hate this billboards. They suddenly show up in your neighbour's garden or in your street. And they are all people you've never seen in your life! Where are they when you need them?...aaaaaarrgh...local politics...must be a struggle to survive.

Anyway, let's analyse a bit further. After some minor (I'm lazy...) research with Belgium top 3 policitians (Elio Di Rupo, Verhofstadt, Yves Leterme), only the prime minister has a podcast on his site.

They should take a look at "The Bundeskanzlerin" (sound like an Arnold movie...)! Click here...Angele Merkel is surfing the vlog wave. Cowabunga Angela!

...oh, and for André not make a will probably look as bad as your poster!

If you have a "crabanalysisationish" question...send in a photo, text, e-mail,...I'll be "habby" to reply. Come it! You'll feel better...:-)

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