Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vee Dubya in da house

I discovered this commercials somewhere before the summer on the internet. This is great stuff! It gives the volkswagen Golf his "cool" back, which it has lost many years ago...

But I have a question...why is this commercial never aired in Europe? I didn't see them on any screen in my neighbourhood...such a same! Can anyone wake up the guys at Volkwagen?

I love the actor btw...he plays a "nihilist" in my favorite movie "the big Lebowski".

Here are the 2 other commercials: Tray's car get pimped, Jason's car get pimped

Do you remember the Gettupaaaah guy?
In my recollection, that was the first succesfull viral video for a car...Must have been in '99. Viral marketing didn't even exist....little quiz-moment: can you remember what car was advertised?

Click here to see the vid.

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