Sunday, September 17, 2006

the blog experiment

I conducted a little blog experiment.

The past few months I've been following the US blog scene (especially NY). I sent them a mail to see their reaction. And guess what...I've got mail.

People who replied:

- Ze Frank
- Zadi Diaz
- Chuck Olsen
- Robert Scoble aka "the scobleizer"
- Amanda Congdon

People who didn't reply:

- Steve Garfield

People who are exused (because I forgot to include their email):

- Daniel McVicar
- Casey Mckinnon from all the people who I did sent a mail, all but one replied! That's a pretty cool result, don't you think so?

It's great to hear from them! They all sent very funny answers.

Thanks for you input guys!


Chuck Olsen said...

i like to be experimented on :-D

The Crabalizer said...

Hi Chuck,

What about this experiment:

A cinema screening of your blogumentary in Antwerp. In a local Apple store or small cinema...

That would be cool!

Zadi said...

Glad to see your feed up! :)