Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick status update

The last couple of days were almost without internet connection. So just a quick post to let you know everything is more than fine!!! A lot of travelling went on: trains, plains & automobiles...which resulted in some really great and unforgettable moments with keywords like: jungle, leopard, resort, elephants, wild boar, stunning sunsets, gin-tonic, safari, sushi, Bangalore, fish curry, extreme couchsurfing in the jungle, swimmingpool, Christer Elving, Ganesh, Mysore, more gin-tonic (many mosquitos...;-). I'll get into detail later on.

Arrived yesterday in Goa for some R&R on the beach. Life's good and relax here and you only need simple things... a swimming short and a cold Kingfisher in reach ;-).

I,ll try to get some picture of the hippies around here (which are actually a lot older than I imagined...).

Peace to you all!


natsalie said...

Coach-surfing was actually more like concrete-surfing :)
Enjoy while it lasts...

The Crabalizer said...

or 'rietenmattekes-surfing'...Heb TP gezien vandaag, was jou kaartje vergeten. Zal het morgen afgeven!
Keep warm!