Saturday, February 07, 2009

Le bureau nouveau est arrivé

First day in Mumbai finished with a scene of a Tarantino movie. I ended up with Marlies in a little advertising company (oh irony...) where we met Donald Woodrow, an Antwerp based photographer who's specialized in diamond photography. So a very colorful figure with many amazing stories (sometimes a bit full of himself, but hey I didn't mind in this kind of weird setting...). And Imman, a local media figure. Donald has big plans of taking over the advertising industry!!! Donalds view on advertising companies was very clear: they are too expensive, too many people, too many meeting,...And you know what? He might be right.

So before realizing it, I witnessed the birth of a sparkling fresh business idea. Meet the newest advertising agency, nouveau style of Mumbai!

Donald, Marlies & Imman
The lean & mean fighting machine (worktitle). Good luck to you guys! And give them a call if you need to advertise something!

PS: this is how a (very small, but oh so friendly) agency looks like in Mumbai:

Visage Studio, Mumbai

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