Saturday, April 18, 2009

Slap the goon

Established in the Summer of 05/06 Byron Bay.. Australia

'Goon' - An Australian term referring to affordable wine, cask wine or boxed wine. Usually housed in a Silver 'bladder'. (Sauce of the Silver Sun)

STG started from our experiences watching those around us having carefree, loose, but fun times. Whether it's a hard week at uni or work, a weekend surfing or on the backpacker trail, one common denominator is cask wine, also known as 'Goon'. Crew get around the table, share stories and have a good laugh.

Slap the Goon is about connecting people and bringing them together in ways that create good times and great memories.

That's what it's all about, no more, no less.

We decided to play tribute to the 'goon' and its merry ways with our Classic Tee. We now bring you many more designs and our own range of Cask Wine.

So 'Join the Revolution', tell your friends and 'Let the Goon Times Roll'.

More info on this site.

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