Sunday, April 12, 2009

Earth Sandwich

Let's make a sandwich with the earth as "spread". I'm exactly on the other side of the planet (for the Belgian crowd) so we got an unique opportunity to make a giant sandwich. I placed my loaf of bread in Centennial park in Sydney and uploaded the photo to this map. If you do the same we'll have an Earth Sandwich!!!!

View earth sandwich in a larger map

Sounds too complicated? I've tried to make a dummy proof drawing:

Start making your own sandwich!

(kudos to Ze Frank for the original idea!)


100%katoen said...

k ga naar den bakker, is een boerengrof goed?

DV said...,4.431814&spn=0.003514,0.009613&z=17&msid=117723095372693960857.0004677fbf2f9c7f478a2

The Crabalizer said...

Boerengrof will do just fine, sweety! ;-) kisses & hugs xxxx

Great bro!!! We made an earth sandwich :-) How cool is that!! Binnen 2 weken terug pistolekes...hmmmmm!!!

camille said...

This could feed millions. Just one question- did you happen to use wholemeal?