Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The best way to get around town is in a rickshaw. When you get in one, you're in your own little 'floating pod'. It's like a little micro cosmos within the fast pace of the city. There's something really relaxing about it...maybe because of the smooth bobbing of the engine? They provide everything you need: a cool breeze when it's hot, the warmth of the engine when it's cools down at night (not often...), music,...And everyone of them is unique. Themes differ from pink, flowers, mickey mouse, blue velvet, some of them have little Ganesh or Krishna statues with bright red or green lights (pimp my rickshaw style) name it!

If your lucky you'll have a clean, soft fake leather seat (also in a bright color of course...), if you're unlucky you'll sit on an old rug with lot's of scary stains on it.

The rickshaw drivers all have a death wish. They do the most amazing (and illegal) manoeuvres imaginable, but nobody really gets upset.

They are slightly different in every region, but the Bombay rickshaws are definitely the best!

The real Bombay style rickshaw: stylish & elegant lines

Jaipur version: a bit more "boxy" and open at the back

The Agra verion: green of color because they ride of compressed gas. Otherwise the Taj Mahal turns black...

Goa version: closed with doors at both sides

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