Monday, March 23, 2009

Caption competion

Ok, give it your best shot in the comments...what would be your caption to the sign I spotted on the ferry?

Mine would go like: "there's only 1 sheet of toilet paper left and it's attached to the big red cross on the wall".

What's yours?


DV said...

Don't whipe your ass while standing in front of the toilet!

kim said...

No folding paper planes with used toilet paper!

pelsius said...

Participate now in our men's room competition!
step 1) do not pee in the toilet
step 2) aim at the red cross, painted on the wall
step 3) if you aim lower than the red cross, you're disqualified
step 4) if you aim higher, someone is waiting for you next door at the ladies room.
step 5) (only when you're succesfull in step 4) Don't forget to take a Cleenex.