Wednesday, January 17, 2007


The I-phone should be called the S-phone!

Why? Because without having any advertising the I-phone has more exposure than any other product I know, just from Social Networking.

I've had numberous e-mails and even text messages of friends about the I-phone. On Technorati (see sidebar) the I-phone is on the number one spot for a week now. So there aren't much blogs who don't feature the I-phone. Even knowing all the specs has become a status symbol (was it a Korean or Vietnames company who received the order of 20 million I-Phones...or was it 40 million ...and does it work on HDSPA???...).

I was amazed about the speed of the word of mouth caused by the Social Networking on the internet. This proofs that we need to change our way of thinking on how to reach the customer...

By the long is a chinese

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