Friday, November 03, 2006


This clip is a perfect example of a web 2.0 mish-mash. In a brillant way the video shows "old skool" covers of vinyl records in a kinda funky, interactive way. So you take one thing, combine it with something else and add some interaction. That's web 2.0 in a nutshell for you...and it it works, don't you think?

All the big websites like Flickr, YouTube, Google,... offer you the things you want and they let you put their goodies on your website for free. In return you'll have to put up with the Google adsense...but who cares, it's free...and it's not that disturbing.

I also notice some change in behaviour: at work or in the pub conversation at some time always went to "did you see x or y program on television yesterday?". More and more that sentence is replaced by "did you see the clip on YouTube where a couple of guys dance on treadmills?" (they mean this clip
). And these are normal people who say that, not the geeks or the nerds.

Anyway...enjoy the clip! You surely will recognize some marvellous covers of great some great bands...Iron Maiden rocks!

Thanks to Patje for sending me the link! If you want me to analyse something, drop me an e-mail! And take a look at my wiki in the sidebar. I'm still looking for people to write a scenario...hasn't boosted yet...;-)

Have a suppa-duppa weekend!

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