Thursday, November 23, 2006

---Line Man---

These days, it's all about lines...this little man is made of a few lines and fights the software. He's breaking out and bending the rules of the computerscreen...

Wonder what would happen if he teams up with linerider... Together they would conquer the world! But...where would they draw the line? Would they cross the line? If they go into marketing, would they extend the line? ;-)

Makes me think of the Italian animation "la linea" by Osvaldo Cavandoli in the seventies. Those episodes with the stuborn white line were hilarious!

Send in a photo of a line that you like...I will post them on the crab blog!


die.sandra said...

yeah, beatbox! It´s on the page of a german radiostation! in category "webshit", but THIS is hot shit! You rock, Sandra

The Crabalizer said...

thx Sandra! Nice to hear you enjoy it!