Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tuymans "against" the wall

Take a look at the Tuymans video on the new website of Klara.

Should an (commercial) artist "mingle" with the streets? Luc Tuymans belongs it a posh art gallery where he prostitute himself to a bunch of uninteresting people with too much money (does it show I not a fan ;-). He's no guy of the streets. That's maybe why so little people looked at it. They should do the same test with a real graffiti. I wonder what the result would be...

Keep the streets for the street artists! People like this. Young, fresh, unemployed,... ;-)

I do like the new website of Klara. It looks like they understood that radio is dead as a single media. it's all about convergence. The right balance between radio, internet, television,... In search of the perfect mash-up.

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