Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama Girl

Seems that politicians seem to adapt very good to the new media. Both Hilary and Obama are using platforms like YouTube and Facebook to spread their message. In my opinion, Obama is the most clever one...

On YouTube, it started about 6 months ago when a so-called fan of Obama posted a spoof of the 1984 ad of Apple. He uses this iconic ad to portrait Hilary as an evil manipulator and controller of the universe. I never believed this was done by a "fan". It has got the word "spin doctor" written all over it.

Same story for Obama Girl. She appeared on YouTube a few months ago and is a big hit now with almost 5 million views up till now. She no ordinary fan! She is so she black, white, Hispanic? You just can't tell, perfect for every voter to identify with. Her first video is a textbook example how you can bring a boring message over to a large, non-interested public. Throw in some boobs and a nice ass and they'll watch it (over 4,5 million times!). The second is even better! Obama Girl gets help from her even more beautiful girlfriend and they go to the gym and get sweat all over their body. This clip is a real production.

And what does Hilary do? She cries...her spin doctors believed that she needs to show emotion so the public perceives her as more emotional and soft. It's a pity she can't act doesn't look genuine to me! Do people really buy this crap (b)?

Interesting to see how this evolves...will the Americans go for tits and asses or for (fake) emotion?

To be continued...


Original Obama Girl

Obama Girl returns

Hilary cries

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