Wednesday, December 05, 2007

KITT is back!

NBC anounced that they're bringing back Knight Rider. Remakes are big at the moment. I think that's because the babyboomers are the only real TV generation left.

For generation C, the television screen has become a background image. They've got other and more interactive screens at their disposal.

The suits in television country got the picture now get ready for a whole bunch of remakes...Bring back Buck Rogers, the A-team, Blake's Seven, Little House on the prairie and may more!

Bonus: sneak preview of the new KITT:

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Stelle Courney said...

Knight Rider has been famous since 1982. It's television series, that ran for 4 years, was an instant hit! No wonder it has been brought back... Even some toys, games and vehicles are based on the series! Ahh... It's such a good feeling to bring back the old times...