Wednesday, November 07, 2007

McDonalds - I'm loving it!

This morning I received a call from a colleague asking where the hell the presentation was I had to make for him...

Although I was sure I had send it to him (at 01 AM!!!), I stopped to car to check on my laptop. Turns out I had an error message, so no mail send.

But then I saw the 2 Golden Arches and had a hunch they'd offer free wifi, so I stopped to check and...Hallelujah! Presentation send from the parking lot, didn't even had to get in.

But my next fast food craving will be at McDonalds.

Thank you McDo!

On the other hand...I'm not sure about the commercials they make in Turkey...


Anonymous said...


I am the guy who was supposed to receive the presentation last night. Thanks for sending it over this morning.

While opening the presentation in front of the client, we expected a sleek viral strategy for next month. However, we noticed that it was a slide show of various x-rated pictures of you and a sheep.

The client was thrilled and bought it. When can you do the shooting? And do you have a yellow instead of a pink strap-on as well?

Thanks Macdo!

Anonymous said...

Humour will save the world. ;-) Thanks mr D.