Thursday, February 22, 2007

First job interviews in Second Life

In real life is looking for a project manager, a C# developer, a HTML CSS Developer, an online copywriter, an online Account Manager, Junior Web designers and a Web master.

But how do you catch those rare birds with the right WEB2.0 plumage? To meet this challenge set up a unique recruitment campaign via Second Life. A campaign with two first evers.

The first casting & photo session on Second Life.

8 Second Life avatars were needed for the picture of the recruitment ad. To find 8 authentic characters organised an online casting among Second Life residents. The 8 selected avatars were lined up on a Second Life beach for an online photo session.

The first 'real life' job interviews on Second Life. set up a job interview desk on a tropical beach in Second Life. On this exotic spot applicants can make an appointment for an online job interview: a first ever on Second Life. All candidates receive a T-shirt for their avatar

On YouTube you can watch a short clip about this campaign, or go to

More information: - Hoogstraat 139 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium - tel: +32 (0)2 789 39 39

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